Doing the right thing is not necessary the way to build societies and cultures ?it might be a start but not the right start ??


Societies , Authorities and social systems are educating the mass about doing the right thing .

You are evaluated as being good or bad based on what you do or fail to do (that does not contradict with other social evaluating systems as evaluation based on your looks , money , life style ?.etc ) .

You are accepted , rewarded or appreciated for doing the right thing .

Although the definition of the right and wrong is subjective in itself adding to that the idea of building a judgmental society ; however for the sake of this blog let us agree that there is what is so called ?Right thing ?

Building on that assumption I don?t think this is the only factor when looking at what people do to evaluate their actions and non-actions .


I believe there are two important elements when looking at the action that you personally do :-

  • The intention ; the motive behind your actions
  • The action itself

And let us have a look at the following diagram that will explain the point ??


Quadrant 1

In this Quadrant you clarify (and purify )your intentions and your actions are well articulated to serve the purpose without hindering other areas in your life or without stepping over other people rights.


  • You seek Promotion to full fill your life path and to reflect the value you provide for the organization and to the world without stepping on other people in the way .
  • You discipline your children for their well being in a way that does no harm their self Image and self confidence .
  • You seek to date that girl / Guy that you like to share your value and to bring happiness to both of you .

Quadrant 2

Positive intentions with Negative actions is the quadrant that fulfill the quote ?The Road to Hill is paved with Good intentions “

When you are in this quadrant you will be motivated and encouraged to move on to fulfill your Desires however most of the time the desire (there is a big difference between intention and desire but that is a topic for a different blog ) you carry inside yourself will blind you of evaluating th implications of your actions .

Such Desire will hinder your ability to stop and evaluate the path you are taking and you will justify this (if you were able to notice ) by the beauty or morality of the cause .


  • A Mother hitting her kid because he done something that almost got him killed (like passing the street without noticing , or playing with matches ?, etc )
  • Parents enforcing a life style on their kids just because they want the best for them


Quadrant 3

Right Actions ; Wrong Intentions

hmmm , That sounds hard to grasp ; however let me bring your attentions to numerous examples as :-

  • Guy saving a girl from thugs just to date her .
  • A manager giving a deserved promotion to a hard working girl just to eliminate the power base of a previous manager .
  • A dictator being thrown off power by international forces just for the sake of the oil in that country ; I trust you differentiate between the real intentions and what they ?sell to the public ? .

Some people might argue whats wrong with the right actions or how would I know the intention of others ; I am only concerned with their actions or at least that what they show .

Let me start by clarifying I am not encouraging people to judge each other by unseen factors as intentions ;However I encourage everyone to dig in their own intentions to make sure what they express in the outside is matching with what they they have in the inside .

Second I argue regardless of how positive actions might appear ; the negative intentions will start a chain reactions of destructions and instability either in personal life's or nations (the case of Iraq is avery good example of that ).

Quadrant 4

Wrong actions ; bad intentions

Do I need to spell it out how destructive this quadrant is ?

Their might be a couple of points to highlight in this quadrant :-

  • When those who are addicted to this quadrant are in power the social dynamics around them changes and the level of injustice increases .
  • Being treated with injustice does not justify you coming and being in that quadrant ; regardless of how tempting the idea of revenge .

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Action Points ” orientation=”center”]

  • Review your Actions for the last week ;Did you have good intentions ? If not ; how do you justify it for yourself ?
  • Remember a situation where you had a good intention and things did not go well ; was it your actions that caused that or Is it the way you expressed your intention ? What did you lean from such situation ?
  • Meditate before you engage in a tricky situation ;make sure to purify your intentions

And of course ??


Do the right thing with good intention.