When you feel the void inside …but nothing (and no one ) can fill it ?.

Have you ever was in a situation of wanting your lover , husband ,or wife to do something ..for you

just to feel the love they claim they have for you ?

Or maybe to feel safe about the relationship ?

Or just to feel everything is just right ?

Photo credit: universeist via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

When the insecurity hits , for every action your partner do or take you look at it as a way to reduce that painful feeling of whats missing , you try to look at the gifts you receive and the gestures that he/she does as a proof …proof of you are worthy of love , proof that he / she loves you more , you use such actions as a way to feel safe , secure of the relationship

What's wrong with that you might ask ?

Whats wrong if my partner feels I need something or I like something and he/she does it for me ?

Well, the idea is not what you do or what you act ; the idea is who you are when you are getting or receiving something ..
The idea of building your security on the action or non action of the other is far from healthy .

If you feel threatened , unloved , or not appreciated because of an argument or disagreement with your partner that is the time to question your real feelings toward him/her

The feeling of security is not dependent on anyone other than yourself

Knowing who you are and what makes you tick is the first step before seeing and interpreting the action of your loved one .

Action Points At some point in your life you need to stop and ask the following questions
1. Am I content with myself as is ?
2. Am I seeing justification for me by evaluating others actions toward me ?
3. Am I into this relationship/Job to grow or because it is available ?
Question your life because no one else will do that for you .