How to love without the dilemma and drama of love ?

When love comes from a place of grounding and calmness you are in peace , when you love and you feel needy , greedy controlling ( you are not loving ) you are possessing .

Love does not know possession … When you love you let go you relax in confidence

It is easy to do that isn’t it ?

Of course not , it is far from easy

It requires practice , patience with one self but more important it require awareness

Awareness that the baggage that we attach to love has nothing to do with love it self ..

Most people thinks to the roles ( social games ) they have to play when they are in love …he or she has to do That for me , I have to do that for him ……etc

In love you don’t have to do any thing , in love you grow in fulfilling your inner calling , when you feel the inner calling To say or do something you just go ahead and you do it

Love based mentality , does no expect something from the other person when you love him , you don’t demand any thing from him , you just carry on with your feelings not expecting anything in return.

When you demand something for the exchanging of ?what you did to the other , that is not love ; ?That is ?a business transaction .

Love versus the selling of love

Media , TV , advertisement agencies are concerning by how to CAN LOVE in a box any box and sell it to you , that how ?they induce ?dependency ?in love …

If he loves me , he will bring me x,y,z ..
If he love me he will be able to do such part for me
For three weeks now he did not bring me any gifts .

Fill in the blanks …

Don’t get me wrong giving and receiving gifts are always amazing to increase the power of love only when it is done with ?pure intention and without expecting something in return

How to know you are living in love ( the real one ) not in the business of love ?

– You don’t ?get angry when your lover does not give or bring you what you expected ?
– You feel relaxed and at ease with your partner position toward your points of view , you don’t ?seek his/ her approval for your input and still hold to your love to ?him / her .
– You don’t regret what you did for that
person even if the relationship did not turn out as you expect or want .

So back to the first question ; how to love without that dilemma ?

  • Engage yourself in relationships that reflect who you are not the relationships that cover what you miss in life
  • Be self contained regardless of your status of relationship
    Remember love is a verb ( action ) however the action follows the Being .
  • Ask your self the following question : would the love of this person makes me love my self more / get / accept / be ok with my self more ? If the answer to that questions is yes , then ?you are not in love ? you are dependent on the feeling that this person gives you .