Don't give up who you are for the sake of how others want you to be

Real happiness and fulfillment comes form discovering yourself , your talents and aspiration and putting all of that in the service of humanity

We live in the world that is driven by Billboards and EGO driven mentality ..

To be accepted you need to do , dress ,.. Or be as others tells you to .What a trade , You sacrifice your own essence for the sake to be like others ! In my coaching sessions the question that keep coming up from all the single ladies I coached was : I have done xyz and he did not like me , he told me to change that ,fix this ….etc so why the relationship did not work ? The answer is simple ..

the moment you stop being who you are is the same moment you drop what attracted him to you in the first place

Let us face it , if you dropped the notion of fitting in , you need to find your own compass … and here is how:-

1. Keep learning about your self and discover who you really are , why you are on earth.

2. What are your core values and what are your gifts and talents that you bring to humanity.

3. Engage in activities that let you sing your own song and leave your mark .

4. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are .

Always ask yourself : Would fitting in worth loosing who i am