“We have failed to satisfy our KPI once more “,thats how your manager started the performance meeting .

You had such amazing idea to improve on the delivery to your customers , however you have contributed to the less satisfying performance , what would you do ? would you voice out your idea with the risk it might turn out bad or would you keep the idea for your self ?

That's a tough Question, whats not understandable is when amazing , creative and dedicated employee hold themselves down just to get accepted .

Self image is crucial for your life journey , without self image you are far way from reaching your dreams ..

But the question how can i improve my self image ?

How can i upgrade it ?

is it possible just to click a button and improve myself image as an upgrade to the computer software ?

Well i wish it was , your self image is the software that is hardwired in you , your understanding of yourself and the world around you starts from it .

Self Image is basically how do you see yourself .

Let me leave you with simple technique that have been tested and proven helpful for many of my clients :

” Stop thinking of people more than you think of your self “

Let me say it again “stop thinking of people more than you think of your self “

What i mean by that ?

Remember the world does not evolve around you ..

don't tell your self :what would people think of me if i did ?.

what if my idea was wrong would i be accepted ?

What would they say if ??.

All the previous statements reflect an inner talk that is about how the world will judge and see you , choose to drop such philosophy . if you don't your self image will suffer.

Basically be selfish in your thoughts and selfless in your actions .