Pushing Versus Doing

Some times I bang my head on the wall trying to push things to happen .

some times I see pushing as an equal to doing the necessary work to finish a task or updated a project or do an errand.
and guess what ? every time it does not work or at least it does not work as smooth as I want it to be .

Education system , society , culture , friends …etc you name it program us to to deal with the physical world .
we think physical world is the answer ; yet it is not .

We ignore or forget where we came from .
Each one of us is a spirit living in a human body having an experience in this earth .

to build a life in this earth you need to start to embrace all aspects of your life

your soul …emotions…body and mind

Nothing wrong with planning , nothing wrong with effort but planning and effort alone is not enough .
Both has to ground in the field of intention ..

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Keith Mapson “]Intention Not Effort [/pullquote]

During my certification course of the M1 healing with : mhealing

Keith My instructor has mentioned intention not effort .

Always start with the intention before effort ..Such lesson will save you huge amount of struggle if you put it in practice .

[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=”Action Points”]

  • ?Before you start doing something ask yourself what is your intention for that (Filter your intention from ego ,fear,.etc )
  • ?Make sure you don’t have a specific expectation ..Expectations makes you anxious .
  • Adapt the attitude of wonder (ex I wonder what will come out of this . , what would this lead to … etc ).
  • Know your limits ; know how to differentiate between struggle and efforts (pushing and doing ) .
  • Every thing we do in life has two parts to it ; the external and the internal part make sure you start with the internal (intention ) first .
  • Always consider the path of least resistance (what resist persist) .


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