Kill , destroy , bombs , attacks are words that we hear every day in the media

Do you want that to stop ?

Think again do you ?

Don’t say what can I do to stop that , because you actually can do a lot .

The most important thing to do is not by DOING , it is by BEING

Being as defined by .maharishi and shrishri …. , is to naturally choose a different presence , different thought forms different outcome

Peace is an internal process , way before it is a harmony between people and harmony in your relationships .

want satisfaction in your relationships , inner peace is your way

having an inner strategy for peace is way beyond working on your relationships yet most people usually accuse the other for there misfortune .

The first part is taking responsibility for your life and what you face in it , second when you are managing that responsibility , you do that in a way that does not diminish your self image and esteem.

What is your addiction ?

one other reason for not having your inner peace is addiction ..

Addiction not necessary material substance addiction .. It is not necessary alcohol , drugs or food … Another kind of addiction ( and it is dangerous because it is a hidden one ) is the addiction to thoughts and to memories .

When you keep playing the game of blaming , feeling sorry for your self and you just don’t know why your mind always go that route , know you are addicted .

any addiction is a method of avoiding what’s now , avoiding the current moment .

There is pain in facing yourself that is undeniable but the reward is enormous .

When your thoughts are more of peaceful pattern you will have a peaceful life