Do you think you are immune and don’t need your Oxygen Mask ? Think again ….

A friend of mine was expressing how hard for her to listen to her friends problems with the intention to support them :” I can not take it , i can not listen i feel my mind will explode and i start to dwell on negativity my self ” she says

You see , if you are not taking care of your self you will not be able to take care of those who you care about .

When you board a plane the flight attendance share with you the safety procedures which includes wearing the oxygen mask in case pressure changes inside the plane , the flight attendant asks you to focus on your self first then to help anyone else (even if you need to take care of your kids ) .

Why ?

As simple as it might seems if you don't take care of your self first , you can't take care of those around you 

Build it before you need it

Taking care of yourself is a habit that need focus and attention to grow .

If you are taking care of yourself , if you build that habit in you and for you , then when your closed one needs your attention you have enough energy to give it to them , if you don't do that you will fail them and yourself .

Action Points

1. Schedule time for your self daily and weekly (specially when you don't have time ).

2.Face your own Demons(stress , negativity ?etc ) demons are oxygen suckers and will ruin your life .

3.Always ask for help when you want , not asking for help will make you feel the bitterness when others are asking for your help .