With Enneagram Every thing made sense


Islam Omar is an Egyptian-Canadian coach, who is deeply passionate about supporting individuals

to unfold their dreams and connect to their true essence by finding their

unique and holy perfection. As an architect of inner transformation, his

coaching model is designed on the idea that? Success is a by-product of realizing who you are ?.


Omar?s journey started in 2001 with a genuine desire to understand more about himself, and his purpose in life. He discovered that the solution to his challenges was to change the lens in which he was viewing the world. Enneagram caused a shift in

Omar?s perspective and provided him with his DNA of fulfillment. Ever since he has invested his time to study the Enneagram model in depth to create pathways

for individuals that transforms them from fixation to freedom. 


Omar embarked on a career in life, relationship and career coaching and served clients since 2006 on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: identifying one?s life purpose, making the right career move, and building the grounds for healthy relationships. 


Along with Coaching, Omar is a Business Unit Head He has served several Multinational companies in Egypt, the Middle East, and EuropeOmar has

completed his Enneagram practitioner and teacher training from the Narrative

School of Enneagram, USA. He?s a certified coach from QSCA coaching academy for

energy and life coaching; he?s also a graduate of the CRR ;as well as a Merlin healer and Reiki Master. 


? Teacher trainer from The Enneagram Narrative tradition. 

? Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner 

? Reiki Master accredited by The Canadian Reiki Association.

? Certified Merlin Healer (M1): Pure heart.

? Certified Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA).

? Certified Coach from the Center of Right Relationship (CRR).     

? Transactional Analysis Practitioner 

? Hypnotherapy Practitioner from HMI ; American hypnosis association (AHA).

? Certified Career and job transitional coach ( JCTC ) coach from Career development Network.      

? Board Member in The international Enneagram Association IEA -Egypt

“Success is not a destination , It is a by-product of realizing who you are “