Career Coaching


What you add to the world ,contributes to your  personal happiness and success

Do you wish every day to be  a weekend ?

Do you drag yourself out of bed   to go to  work ?

Do you keep looking at your watch while you work just to find only 5 minutes has passed ?

If you answer yes to any of the previous questions , it is a sign you are not in the right place when it comes to work but is it the company you work for or  the career itself ?

Pursuing  your life dreams most often start by finding  the right career  for yourself and that is what career coaching is about .

Career coaching is about finding what do you want to do to fulfill your dreams .

Career coaching is not about finding you a job , anyone can find a job , career coaching is an art and science at the same time .

It involves digging deeper to find your aspirations , skills , motivations and the life style you desire.

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“Devoting your life to your life purpose worth every step in the way”

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