Who AM I ?

About Islam

I am a seeker … seeking  truth , knowledge and love , but the most important lesson I have learned is finding oneself is the ultimate quest  .

I was trying to make ends meet like everyone else ,I have gone through Challenging times in my life and  did not know why ?

I kept asking myself  ; I have good intentions and I am trying to help people around me so why such problems keep happening  to me ?

Till I found my path …

I Discovered without learning and applying the universal laws ( which by the way are available to all of us regardless of our race , religion or country of origin ),Without these  laws You cannot have peace or success regardless of who you are .

Since i had  that realization , my mission has developed to  helping  people unfold their dreams and to support them in  living  the life that enhance their well being

“success is not a destiny in itself , it is a by-product of realizing who you are “
                                                                                                                                                        Islam Omar